Audrey and Pauline, Bali Post Wedding Photographer

Same sex marriage might not be the most common thing to have today. But it is getting more and more acceptable in some cultures. Audrey and Pauline were simply one of the most memorable couples I have ever shot. They had their amazing wedding in France, came to Bali for honeymoon and decided to memorize […]

Madame Mina – Bali Portrait Photographer

Madame Mina had never had her photos professionally and properly taken. This hardworking mother of three recently thought she should award herself with one photo session. And so I took her to Echo beach in Canggu, Bali to have the photo session. A lot of people do not know that through photos they can actually get many advantages; […]

Shierly and Iki Kondo – Surabaya Family Photographer

Shierly has been my model for a very long time. A very good friend of mine, we used to be inseparable in the past. She now lives in Tokyo with her only son, Iki, and hubby Hiro until he is assigned in another country. Last week she happened to be in Surabaya for the weddings of our […]