Jessica’s Batik – Bali Portrait Photographer

There is something about photographing dancers that excites the smaller child in me. Perhaps because I am a dancer too. Perhaps I am just lucky to be surrounded by super fun dancers. Perhaps the wind, and the sea, and the laugh, and the product highlighted work together to make this photo session an unforgettable one.

Jessica Wulandari Suarsa is a dancer, a batik designer/maker, a snake enthusiast and a cat lover. She dances so beautifully, with or without a snake. She makes gorgeous batik. She delicately fuses Indonesian – particularly Balinese – dance style with contemporary and many other dance styles. Together with I Dewa Gede Putra, a Balinese dancer and teacher from Singapadu, Bali, she manages Sanggar Seni Kresna Dhana – School of Balinese Art Singapadu Bali and Perth Australia.

Hadi Thijssen, a Bali-based tribal fusion belly dancer, joined the photo session featuring Jessica’s batik as the model. The belly dancer and the Balinese dancer were a strange good mix, as seen below.


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