Little Max, 2 Years Old – Surabaya Children Photographer

I was truly honoured when my best friend, Rina, asked me to photograph her little boy, Maximilliano Malik Ridwansyah – or shortly called Max – in December 2011. I photographed Rina’s wedding 2.5 years ago but I never got around to posting the pictures on this blog (I know, guilty as charged). And when I did want to do it, the session with her fast-growing baby already took place! Nevertheless, it was really a fine day… the time I spent with this beautiful family. I got to see how Max had turned from a helpless baby to the I’m-the-boss kind-of little guy. Most of the toddlers I take picture of are girls. And girls are in a way calmer. But not with Max. He’d just run here and there, sometimes in a circle, leaving me (the photographer) and Win (his father + bodyguard) breathless. No wonder Rina and Win have become so thin now! 😀

Anyway, meet Max – one of the most adorable boys I’ve ever seen.

ImageImageImageImageSee you soon, Little Max. Pretty sure the next time I see you again, you won’t be that little anymore.


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