Madame Mina – Bali Portrait Photographer

Madame Mina had never had her photos professionally and properly taken. This hardworking mother of three recently thought she should award herself with one photo session. And so I took her to Echo beach in Canggu, Bali to have the photo session. A lot of people do not know that through photos they can actually get many advantages; one of which being a boost of self confidence. There will be the time when they see the result of their photos, see how beautiful they can be, and start appreciating and respecting themselves even more. This point of thought goes a long way…. positively.

I hope she is happy with this sneakpeek.



5 thoughts on “Madame Mina – Bali Portrait Photographer

  1. Sorry, but i think u r good at taking landscape pics, not beauty shoots. the beach in sunset looks amazing. Unfortunately, despite the beauty of your model, your other pics look lame and and less charming.

    Find your real talent, Carla. Keep up the good work!

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