Shierly has been my model for a very long time. A very good friend of mine, we used to be inseparable in the past. She now lives in Tokyo with her only son, Iki, and hubby Hiro until he is assigned in another country. Last week she happened to be in Surabaya for the weddings of our mutual friends. So we took some time during our “busy” schedule to do a photo session. Here are the sneak peeks.

Iki is normally a shy little guy. But in this photoshoot he was so cooperative, thanks to the excessive amount of chocolate fed to him before. LOL
Isn’t he sweet???
Iki and Shierly Kondo
With a balloon
Can you believe that she is thirty?
And do I have to state that she is thirty?
It is by all means a compliment.
It was so fun to photograph this pair of mother and son. After hearing that Iki kisses like his father, why wouldn’t any one think it was fun? I enjoyed every moment spent with you two, Shierly and Iki! Until next time!



Published by carlaardian

Bali based photographer who is happy to travel anywhere for good photos and delicious cups of coffee.

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  1. LOOOOOOOVEEE THE PICTURES!!!!!!! Iki is just SO photogenic, like his mom!!!!!
    I love looking at his smile and I could watch his laughing expression for hours!!!!

    Shierly is 30?????? oh nooooooo she looks younger than me!!!!!! Not fair!!! Huhuhu.

    Btw Mut, you look a bit chubby and very, very fresh right now! I like you like this… muchhh better than the skinny Shierly I used to know years ago (yg itu keliatan rada ngampung, yg ini terlihat terawat dengan baik huahahaha)

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